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5 Myths about Eyeglasses

If you’re taking advantage of 2 for 1 eyeglasses in Kitchener, you may have some questions. Whether you’re new to wearing glasses or have been bespectacled for years, you may have heard some of these common myths that we’re about to explore. If you have any questions about your eyeglasses, it’s best to go straight to the source, your eye doctor. But in the meantime, here are five myths about eyeglasses to watch out for.

1. Eyeglasses Don’t Work With Some Face Shapes- FALSE 

Don’t let anyone tell you glasses won’t work for your face. That’s just not true. When looking for your choices for our 2 for 1 eyeglasses in Kitchener deal, you’ll discover that we have a large variety of different shaped frames in different materials and colours. While it’s true that you may have to experiment with different pairs until you find one right for you, there are eyeglasses out there that will work for every particular face shape.

2. You Can Train Your Eyes to See Better- FALSE

If you need glasses, no amount of eye exercises or online research will improve your vision. The only way to see properly again is to wear glasses or contacts.

3. Wearing the Wrong Prescription Will Damage Your Eyes- FALSE

Wearing the wrong prescription will not allow you to see properly and could cause headaches, but it will not damage your eyes.

4. Wearing Glasses Changes Your Eyes- FALSE

Eyeglasses change your vision, not your eyes. While wearing glasses will improve your eyesight and allow you to do everyday things easier, they will not slowly improve or decrease your version permanently. Factors like age and genetics affect your eyesight, not how often you wear your glasses.

5. You Should Allow Your Eyes to Rest and Remove Your Glasses- FALSE

If you are prescribed eyeglasses, you should be wearing them anytime you are awake and moving around unless your eye doctor has said otherwise. Your eyes do not become “tired” from wearing glasses. In fact, the opposite is true. When you wear your eyeglasses, your eyes do not have to strain to see like they would without them.

BONUS myth no. 5.5 No, there is no such thing as X-Ray Glasses. X-Ray Specs are a novelty item, suppose to allow the user to see through or into solid objects. In reality the glasses merely create an optical illusion; no X-rays are involved. X-Ray Specs consist of an outsized pair of glasses with plastic frames and white cardboard “lenses” printed with concentric red circles, and emblazoned with the legend “X-RAY VISION”.The “lenses” consist of two layers of cardboard with a small hole about 6 millimetres in diameter punched through both layers. The user views objects through the holes. A feather is embedded between the layers of each lens. The vanes of the feathers are so close together that light is diffracted, causing the user to receive two slightly offset images. For instance, if viewing a pencil, one would see two offset images of the pencil. Where the images overlap, a darker image is obtained, supposedly giving the illusion that one is seeing the graphite embedded within the body of the pencil. As may be imagined, the illusion is not particularly convincing 😉

We hope you have learned a few new things about eyeglasses today. Don’t fall for these five “and a half” common myths about eyeglasses!

If you have any questions while searching for your 2 for 1 eyeglasses in Kitchener be sure to ask the professionals at KW Vision Centre, contact us today.

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