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5 Pro Tips on how to choose glasses

How to choose glasses

Although our eye specialist in Kitchener can help identify what types of lenses you need for your eyeglasses, it’s going to be largely up to you when it comes to choosing frames for those glasses. Fortunately, we offer a large variety of different frames and our specialists are more than happy to provide their professional advice to make choosing your eyeglasses as easy as possible.

In fact, the following are five tips that we recommend keeping in mind when choosing a new pair of eyeglasses:

  1. Choose frames that contrast your face shape – The general rule of thumb for choosing what style of frames to go with is to choose the opposite of your face shape. For example, if you have a very angular or square face, then round frames are a good fit. If you have a round face, consider going with a pair of rectangular frames.
  2. Choose frame size based on face shape – If you have an oval face, don’t use larger frames that will cover half of your face.
  3. Choose frames that center your eyes – If your eyes appear too close to the inner corner of the frames, it will make you look cross-eyed. If your eyes appear too far towards the outside corners of the frames, then it will make the glasses look too small. If your eyes happen to be slightly narrow set, then you should avoid a pair of frames that are too wide.
  4. Choose frames that fit your nose – Because you’ll be wearing your eyeglasses often, you’ll want to make sure that they are a comfortable fit. Avoid glasses that constantly slip down your nose, that leave red marks on your nose, or that cause your eyelashes to touch the lenses. One way that you can tell if they will fit your face is by shaking your head. If the frames move as you shake your head, they are too big.
  5. Choose frame colour based on your skin tone – If your skin tone is warm, then avoid frames in pastel colours. Choose a frame in a light colour instead. If you have a cooler complexion, then black, gray, blue, and silver are all good options.

Use these five tips to help you choose the right eyeglasses for you or your loved one. For information about the frames that we carry or to book an appointment with an eye specialist in Kitchener, be sure to contact us at KW Vision Centre today.

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