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Bring Your Family to an Eye Specialist in Kitchener

Bring Your Family to an Eye Specialist in Kitchener

  It goes without saying that having good eyesight is vital to living a happy and fulfilling life. That said, it is also true that it is quite easy to forget or sometimes overlook the need for having regular visits to your eye specialist in Kitchener. There is also the notion that visiting an eye […]

Is There an Eye Specialist Near Me?

Is There an Eye Specialist Near Me

  It’s the month of love. So, are you giving your eyes the love and care they deserve? If not, it is time to take your vision and eye care seriously. It is often said that our eyes are the window to the soul. And with the month of love upon us, it is the […]

Discover Why We Think We’re The Best Eye Specialist in Kitchener

Discover Why We Think We're The Best Eye Specialist in Kitchener

We cannot overstate the importance of taking good care of your vision and that of your family members. Part of this care requires you to make regular visits to your preferred eye specialist in Kitchener. While most eye specialists will offer the same services, having one constant eye specialist for you and your family offers […]

Eye Specialist in Kitchener Safe and Friendly

Eye Specialist in Kitchener

If you are looking for an eye specialist in Kitchener, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that is better than KW Vision Centre. Your eyesight is incredibly important and finding the right eye specialist in Kitchener is a crucial component to protecting your vision. At KW Vision Centre, we pride ourselves as being one of […]

Your safety and satisfaction in our priority during COVID

Your safety and satisfaction in our priority during COVID

Are you worried about going to see your optometrist in Kitchener with the COVID-19 pandemic? We want to assure you that keeping you and our staff safe and healthy is till our absolute, top priority. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned out to be nothing like anyone in our generation has experienced. Many things in life […]

Focus On Eye Care During The Coronavirus Pandemic

  We’re in the tenth month of a global pandemic. One thing that’s been reiterated by health institutions like WHO, CDC, and even your local optometrist in Kitchener, is that you should avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as much as possible, especially if you haven’t washed or sanitized your hands. Face masks have […]

5 Pro Tips on how to choose glasses

How to choose glasses

Although our eye specialist in Kitchener can help identify what types of lenses you need for your eyeglasses, it’s going to be largely up to you when it comes to choosing frames for those glasses. Fortunately, we offer a large variety of different frames and our specialists are more than happy to provide their professional […]

Is There an Optometrist in Kitchener Near Me?

Is There an Optometrist Near Me

The health of your eyes affects your entire life. Your eyes guide you through your everyday life, and you may not realize how vitally important they are until something is wrong. In order to take proper care of your optical health, it’s essential to see an optometrist regularly. Read on to learn why seeing an […]

Eye specialists recommend these healthy foods


If you don’t take care of yourself, your health will deteriorate. This is true for every part of your body, including your eyes. A lot of people think that eyesight is something that diminishes naturally; however, if you take care of your eyes, you could prevent many of the issues that plague the eyes in […]

4 Most common eye diseases for Canadians

4 Most common eye diseases for Canadians

  Scheduling a professional eye exam with an optometrist in Kitchener is something that you should do on a regular basis. Not only will an eye exam determine if your vision has worsened (thereby allowing you to pick up the right prescription eyeglasses), but an eye exam can also help to identify potential eye diseases. […]

Why Become the Best Optometrist in Kitchener

Regular trips to your optometrist are a crucial component to protecting your vision. Not only do optometrists conduct vision tests and prescribe corrected lenses, but they can detect vision and other health issues, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and heart disease. Since seeing an optometrist is so vital to your overall vision health, it’s important […]

What an Optometrist in Kitchener Wants You to Know

Unfortunately, many people tend to take their vision for granted – until there’s a problem. That’s when they call the eye doctor. What optometrists want you to know is that there are many things you can do to protect your vision health before there’s an issue. These steps can help to protect your vision and […]

Kitchener Optometrist With Exceptional Services

Kitchener Optometrist With Exceptional Services

When looking for an optometrist in Kitchener, several different factors make some offices stand out from the rest. Discount eyeglasses stores will claim to give you cheap exams and even cheaper glasses, but when it comes to your vision, do you really want to go to a chain store? Here at KW Vision Centre, your […]

Is Winter Sun more Dangerous than the Summer Sun?

People tend to associate temperatures with the exposure that they have to the sun. It’s why when summer rolls around, everyone makes sure to put on plenty of sunscreen lotion and to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes. They mistakenly think that once temperatures drop, the dangers of exposure to the sun drops as well. […]

Why do optometrists blow air in your eye?

Best Optometrist in Kitchener

  First, going to an optometrist is something that you should be doing every one to two years. Obviously you’ll want to find the best optometrist in Kitchener to do that. A licenced optometrist will check your vision to determine if you need glasses or contacts or whether you need to upgrade your current prescription […]

Where do smart people go to get their eyes checked

Eye Specialist in Kitchener

Your eye health is just as important as the health of any other part of your body, yet many people do not get regular eye exams even if they do go to their doctors for routine physical check-ups. Your eye health is not something you should ignore, especially since it can be difficult to tell […]

Why do optometrists dilate your eyes?

  Are you wondering why your optometrist or eye specialist sometimes dilates your eyes during an eye examination? Well, it’s to protect your health. A standard eye exam in Kitchener, that does not include dilating your eyes, is used primarily to detect and manage vision problems, but it does not provide a thorough look at the overall […]

5 Reasons to get your child’s vision checked

Have you made an appointment for an eye exam in Kitchener for your child yet? According to the Canadian Association of Optometrists, children should have their first eye exam between six and nine months old and the second exam by three years of age or earlier if there is any suspected vision issues. Here are […]

How optometrists test your eyes?

  Taking care of your eyes is important. Vision can change over the years, no matter your age, and without regular eye exams by an eye specialist in Kitchener, more specifically an optometrist, you may not have an updated prescription. Without the proper prescription, you may be squinting or straining to see properly, which can […]

Happy New Year! Here’s how to boost your eye health in 2016

It’s easy to talk about what our personal visions and goals are for the New Year, but what about our actual physical vision and eye health? This year is certainly seeing a trend towards more health conscious living. If you want to make the most of your overall health in 2016, start by boosting your […]

How to treat dry eye syndrome

It is important to pay a visit to your eye specialist if you suspect you have dry eye syndrome, which can be identified in an eye test. Lack of sufficient moisture or lubrication to the eye’s surface is the cause of dry eye syndrome and the symptoms are as follows: Pain Light sensitivity Blurred vision Itching and […]