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“Do you carry Ray-Ban Sunglasses?”

This is the number one question we hear when a customer comes in looking for sunglasses. Ray-Ban is arguably the best-selling brand throughout eye wear history. There is a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses to suit any face shape and every style. Suitable for prescription and non-prescription wearers, this iconic brand can be worn by everyone!

Ray-Ban started with the US Air Force in the late 1930’s when they introduced their now-iconic G-15 green glass lenses, which were designed to cut the glare experienced by pilots, without reducing optical clarity. In 1938 the classic Ray-Ban Aviator was born!

Nearly 80 years later, this iconic model now comes in a wide variety of styles and colours, and offers many different lens options including mirror-coating, polarization, anti-glare coating, and gradient tint!

Currently, our most requested Ray-Ban frame is the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. This style came about in 1952, as Hollywood started to truly influence public fashion sense. Having been worn by the likes of James Dean and Audrey Hepburn, a pair of Wayfarers quickly became one of the most easily recognizable fashion accessories. Ray-Ban recently introduced their New Wayfarer, which gives the wearer that classic Wayfarer look but with an updated and sleeker style. Today, there is seemingly no end to the variety of frames and lens colour combinations this model has to offer, including everything from the classic-cool black frame with iconic green lenses, to pink frames with pink gradient lenses!

By 1969, Ray-Ban had increased its catalogue to include over 50 styles, embracing the social attitude towards change. By this time, they had dedicated models of sunglasses for men, women, and children, becoming the world leader with their sense of style and renowned quality and durability. Ray-Ban frame and lens innovation continued into the 1970’s, introducing new sport glasses with mirrored lenses. Today, many Ray-Ban models are still made in Italy adding to their classic styling and the quality they continue to produce.

The ‘80’s continued to boost Ray-Ban’s popularity. Throughout this decade, not only could a pair of Ray-Ban’s add to character development in movies such as Risky Business (1983) and Top Gun (1986) the sunglasses became a movie character in their own right. Nowhere was this more evident than with the birth of the Ray-Ban Clubmaster worn by Denzel Washington in 1992’s Malcolm X. Nearly 25-years later, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster has maintained it’s popularity, with colours, materials and sizes for everyone, even children!

The new millennium saw Ray-Ban expanding and re-imagining several of their classic sunglasses. In 2009, The classic Wayfarer was reintroduced with exciting and bold inner-temple patterns, such as images of the New York subway map and several colour variations of the Ray-Ban logo. In 2011, Ray-Ban’s focus turned to their Tech Segment. This line of ophthalmic eyewear and sunglasses were made with durability and flexibility in mind, introducing a wide range of lightweight titanium frames. This line offers something for the tech enthusiast, all the while providing a sporty and casual look.

Having entered 2016, Ray-Ban will soon celebrate its 80th anniversary! Across every decade since its inception, the spotlight has never left this iconic brand, showcasing the ability to truly withstand the test of time. At KW Vision Centre, we appreciate the design and style of Ray-Bans, in addition to their amazing lens technology. Glass lenses provide the best visual clarity, whether polarized or not, and are also incredibly durable making them very scratch resistant. Several Ray-Ban models also now come with anti-glare coating on the back surface of the lens, providing optimal protection from the sun. So, to answer the ever-enduring question, Yes, we most certainly carry Ray-Ban sunglasses and we’d be happy to help you find just the right pair for you!

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