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How can an Optometrist in Kitchener help your child?

Optometrist in Kitchener

The health of your child’s eyes is an extremely important component of their overall health. It’s so important, in fact, that the Canadian Association of Optometrists (CAO) strongly recommends that all children have at least one eye examination prior to starting school. In addition, the CAO recommends that all school-age children have at least one comprehensive eye exam every year. There are several reasons why following these guidelines and scheduling an annual appointment with an optometrist in Kitchener can help your child.

Basic Eye Exams Are Not Enough

Many school children undergo regular eye examinations at school. It’s important, however, to realize that these exams only test for vision and not the overall health of the eye. Comprehensive eye exams don’t just evaluate for near sightedness and farsightedness, they also check for astigmatisms, lazy eyes, color perception, and more. Relying solely on the eye exams conducted at school could be a mistake because it might not detect a serious issue with your child’s eyes. In fact, studies show that 43% of children with eye health issues could pass a basic vision screening.

Improve Learning Outcomes

A majority of learning in the classroom is done through visual learning, such as reading textbooks, looking at the whiteboard, or watching a video. Your child’s inability to see correctly can directly affect his classroom performance. But, that’s not all. Vision issues can also contribute to reading and speech problems and can diminish your child’s ability to focus.

The good news is that an annual exam by an optometrist can improve vision problems by providing corrective lenses and other treatments. You could see improvements in your child’s classroom performance almost immediately. If you notice that your child is having trouble reading or seeing the whiteboard in the classroom, it’s crucial to schedule an appointment with your optometrist as soon as possible.

Treat Eye Conditions Early

One of the most important ways an optometrist can help your child is by treating eye conditions early. In most cases, the earlier that an eye condition is detected and treated the better. Some childhood vision issues, such as a lazy eye, can be completely reversed with proper treatment. Other eye conditions, such as glaucoma, must be treated as quickly as possible before it causes irreversible damage.

Just one eye health checkup a year can make all the difference in your child’s life, so don’t forget to make it a top priority. Contact KW Vision Centre to schedule your child’s annual eye examination with an optometrist today.

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