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How to choose eye glasses frames that suit your face


When you have to wear glasses, the most important part of the process is choosing the right eye glasses frames. Of course your eye specialist can help you with selecting the ideal pair, but it helps to relieve the frustration and save some time if you can narrow down your choices from the beginning. Knowing the shape of your face and what best suits your eye coloring and skin tone is the best way to start.

There are three very important factors to consider when hunting for the perfect eye glasses frames for you:

  • Your eyewear should highlight your eye color, such as green frames for green eyes or similar.
  • The shape of the frame should contrast the shape of your face.
  • The size of the frame should be in scale with the size of your face.

You can use these guidelines along with the professional advice and assistance of your eye specialist:

  • Round face – this type of face features no angles, with the width and length of the face with the same proportions. Angular or narrow glasses can make a round face appear thinner and longer. Choose a clear bridge to widen the eyes and frames that are wider than they are deep.
  • Oblong face – this type of face is longer than it is wide with a long cheek line. Frames that have more depth than width will give the appearance of a shorter and more balanced face. Choosing a low bridge will shorten the entire appearance too.
  • Oval face – this type of face offers somewhat balanced proportions. It is common to choose eye glasses frames that are wider than the broadest part of the face.
  • Diamond face – this type of face often features high and dramatic cheekbones and narrow eye and jaw lines. The cheekbones are also often broad. You will need to choose eye glasses frames that soften the cheekbones and highlight the eyes. Look for rimless frames or oval small frames. Frames with decorative brow lines are also quite complementary.

Find the perfect glasses frames for you at KW Vision Centre in Kitchener

At KW Vision Centre in Kitchener, we help our clients to select the perfect eye glasses frames for their budget and appearance. Whether you are fashion forward, an avid sports participant or a respected businessman, we have the ideal eye glasses frames for you.

Come in and discover our full range of eye glasses frames or book an appointment to see the eye specialist at KW Vision Centre today . We are available via email or telephone – contact us today.

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