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How to protect your eyes in the winter


When it comes to protecting your eyes while you’re outdoors, almost everyone knows that wearing sunglasses in Kitchener Waterloo or anywhere for that matter, during the summer season is a smart thing to do. However, even though we associate summers with bright sunshine and glare, it can actually get a lot worse during the winter season. As a result, it’s important that you take extra precautions to protect your eyes once winter comes and snow is all around.

Why Your Eyes Need Winter Protection
First of all, a lot of people assume that because it’s not that bright outside during the winters as a result of overcast skies that their eyes don’t need protection. However, UV rays still make their way through the clouds, they just can’t be seen. Overexposure to UV rays can cause all kinds of degenerative eye problems, even as serious as cataracts or glaucoma. Additionally, when the sun does come out, it can be a lot harsher. This is because its rays reflect off the snow, causing a far more intense glare.

Protecting Your Eyes During The Winter
The following are a few effective ways that you can make sure that your eyes have the protection they need during the winter seasons here in the Kitchener Waterloo region:

  • Wear sunglasses in Kitchener and Waterloo – UV-A or UV-B Sunglasses will help protect your eyes against UV-ray exposure. They will also help reduce the glare caused by sunlight. Make sure that you drive with sunglasses on if it’s a particularly sunny day and the streets are covered in snow to prevent glare from bouncing off the snow and causing vision problems as you drive.
  • Wear a hat – If you don’t have access to your sunglasses, a hat can still be effective at blocking UV rays and helping to eliminate direct glare from the sunlight. The wider the brim of your hat is, the better.
  • Wear eye protection – If you’re outdoors blowing or shovelling snow or especially when participating in winter sports, then make sure you protect your eyes with safety goggles. Ice and debris can be resting in the snow and kick in the wind as you are active outdoors. If you’re not wearing eye protection, such debris could cause serious damage if it hits you in the eye.

Now that winter season is here, make sure that you protect your eyes when you’re outdoors. If you need a new pair of sunglasses in Kitchener Waterloo, make sure to contact us at KW Vision Centre or schedule an appointment today.

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