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Do you wear contact lenses?
Do you currently wear glasses but have always wanted to try contacts? When searching for contact lenses in Kitchener, you probably have a lot of questions. We’ve tried to answer some of the top questions optometrists get about contacts.

Are contacts expensive? Contact lenses have come a long way in the last several decades. With several different options and styles, contacts can be an affordable alternative to glasses, or as a supplemental way to correct your vision on days you just don’t feel like wearing your eyeglasses.

Are contact lenses easy to take care of? Yes! Your eye doctor will go over contact lens care with you, but it’s easy to take care of your contacts with the proper materials and supplies.

I’ve worn glasses all my life, will contacts be hard to get used to? Most patients find contacts extremely comfortable. Taking them in and out of your eyes takes a little bit of practice, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it becomes part of your regular routine.

I have astigmatism. Can I still wear contacts? Yes! We carry contacts for all sorts of vision correction needs, including astigmatism. Your eye doctor will be able to recommend the best contact lens for your particular needs.

Can I order contact lens online? Although we don’t recommend purchasing contact lens online without a prescription, you can order your doctor prescribed contact lens right through our website. If your prescription is expired, you just need to schedule an appointment online and we’ll be happy to order your contacts after your exam.

Are contacts safe? All the contact lens brands we recommend here at KW Vision Centre use the latest technology are not only safe for your eyes but are so comfortable and breathable that you won’t even realize you’re wearing them. With proper care and regular eye exams, contact lens are a completely safe option for vision correction.

What about coloured contacts? Coloured contacts are a fun way to change up your look while correcting your vision. Ask your eye doctor about the coloured contacts that would work for you.

Order Contact lenses Online. Whether you’re trying contacts for the first time or replenishing your supply, ordering contact lenses in Kitchener is easy and convenient when you do it through KW Vision Centre. You can place your order in person or use our easy form to order your contacts online.

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