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Anti-reflective coating (AR) is a type of Optical coating applied to the surface of lenses to reduce reflection and glare. This improves the efficiency of lenses and clarity of vision. A high-quality AR or anti-glare coating will allow 99.5% of light to pass through the lenses, allowing for better vision.

Anti-Glare Coating

The coating does just what the name implies: it decreases the reflection of light from the front and/or back of the lenses.Additionally, AR coatings increase the transmission of light through the eyeglass lenses. Modern coatings have the capacity to essentially completely eliminate the amount of glare experienced by those who wear glasses.

Advantages of Anti-Reflective Coating

  • Night time driving vision improvement by glare reduction, particularly on rainy nights;
  • Glare reduction from computer, cellphone, and television screens;
  • Improves appearance by making lenses seem virtually invisible;
  • More photogenic as result of glare reduction on lenses; and
  • New hydrophobic AR coatings resist smudging, making cleaning easier

During your next visit to your optician, ask about the different kinds of AR-coatings and how they can benefit you and your lifestyle.