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Eye Specialist in Kitchener

Your eye health is just as important as the health of any other part of your body, yet many people do not get regular eye exams even if they do go to their doctors for routine physical check-ups. Your eye health is not something you should ignore, especially since it can be difficult to tell if your vision is worsening or just changing in some way without an exam. It’s why you should see an eye specialist in Kitchener once every one to two years. However, finding a good eye specialist in Kitchener to see can be challenging.

Finding an Eye Specialist in Kitchener

You’re going to find that there are a lot of different places where you can get an eye exam, including boutique optometry practices as well as at eyeglass stores found inside of Walmart and Costco. However, you’ll also find that some of these locations offer limited exams meant only to determine what kind of glasses or contacts you need. Some clinics may be cheaper but do you really want the cheapest priced optometrist to look after your vision health? But others will also overcharge for their eye exams or products.

Here at KW Vision Centre, you’ll find that we use the latest eye equipment to perform thorough eye exams, which not only allow us to determine your level of vision, but also to identify any potential underlying health issues, such as the development of glaucoma or cataracts. Not to mention, our eye exams are free!

What to Look For in an Eye Specialist

The following are a few things that you should look for when choosing an eye specialist:

  • Look for patient reviews – A reputable eye specialist won’t shy away from showing you what their reputation is. Look for online reviews, ask for referrals, or check their website for testimonials.
  • Check experience – Experience matters. An optometrist who has just begun seeing patients is more likely to make mistakes or to have difficulty when faced with certain challenges than an eye care specialist with years of experience.
  • Check affordability – The cost of an eye exam or of eyewear can vary greatly from one place to another, so be sure to compare. But remember, you usually get what you pay for.

Contact an Eye Specialist Today

Here at KW Vision Centre, we have a reputation as one of the best eye specialists in Kitchener. Our staff is friendly and helpful, and we have a state-of-the-art laboratory on site that allows for a high standard of quality when fabricating eyeglasses. To schedule an appointment with one of the best eye specialists in Kitchener, be sure to contact us at KW Vision Centre today

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