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Why and When Should You Consult an Optometrist?

The optometrist (also known as the eye doctor or eye specialist) is not someone that you probably make a concerted effort to see on a regular basis. For some reason, a lot of people will make it a point to go see their physician regularly even if nothing is wrong with them–yet they don’t make that same effort with their optometrist. The problem is that when your vision begins getting worse, you often won’t be able to tell. It’s why you should go see your optometrist in Kitchener at least once a year for a basic checkup.

However, if you notice any of the following issues, then you should be sure to schedule an appointment with an optometrist in Kitchener right away:

  • You are experiencing blurry vision – One of the signs that your vision is getting worse that’s easiest to spot is blurry vision. If your vision is getting blurry, it probably means that you need glasses.
  • You are experiencing flashing lights or small shadows – These symptoms require immediate attention as they could indicate that there is a tear, hole or even a full retinal detachment in your eye.
  • You are squinting regularly – Squinting is probably the most common symptom of failing vision. People squint when they are unable to read or see something because it helps to sharpen their focus. But if you have to do this, it means that your vision isn’t good enough when you’re not squinting.
  • Fatigue or pain in your eye – Although fatigue or pain in the eyes can sometimes be the result of a lack of sleep or allergies, it could also be a symptom of deteriorating vision. If it hurts to move your eyes like you normally would or are feeling fatigue in your eyes for more than a few days in a row, then you should have it looked at.
  • Regular headaches – It can often take a long time to notice that your vision is deteriorating. However, if you begin having regular headaches (and you never experienced regular headaches before), then it could indicate that this is exactly what is happening.

These are some of the signs that you should go see an optometrist in Kitchener as soon as you can. However, even if you’re not having issues, make sure to schedule a routine appointment at least once a year, starting today. To book an eye exam in Kitchener, contact us at KW Vision Centre and be assured of the best professional care for your eyes!

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