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Why Choose Our Optical Store in Kitchener?

Optical Store in Kitchener

Your eyesight is incredibly important, which means that if you’re having vision issues, you should get a professional eye exam right away so that you can pick up a pair of glasses or contacts that fit your needs. However, you might have some trouble figuring out which optical store in Kitchener to go to. The following are five reasons to consider visiting us at KW Vision Centre in Kitchener:

1. Customized services

We understand that every customer is different. As such, we work closely with every customer to provide the highest quality eye care and eye care products tailored to meet their needs and budget.

2. On-site eye exams

We are capable of providing an eye exam at our store. Many optical stores in Kitchener cannot provide such a service, requiring you to go elsewhere for an exam before you can begin choosing a new pair of glasses. We are constantly investing in the latest technology as well to ensure that our eye exams provide the most accurate results possible.

3. Friendly and helpful staff

Our staff is incredibly family-friendly and will help you in whatever way they can. They will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have about our services or to provide you with advice about our glasses and contacts.

4. Wide variety of frames

If you’ve decided to purchase a pair of glasses, whether you’re simply replacing an old pair or you’re getting a new pair to help improve your vision, then you’ll find that our store offers plenty of options. We have some of the highest quality frames from the top brands available at our optical store in Kitchener. We have frames that meet every need as well. For example, we offer both fashionable frames as well as eyeglasses that are suitable for wearing while playing sports. You won’t find it difficult to find eyeglasses or sunglasses that suit your personality and lifestyle.

5. On-site lenses

If you’d rather not wear eyeglasses, you may be a suitable candidate for contact lenses. In addition to an eye exam, we can also perform a contact lens fitting on site. We offer precision fit custom contacts for every need, from basic prescriptions to severe astigmatism.

These are only a few reasons why you should drop in at our optical store in Kitchener. For more information about our store or our services, be sure to contact us at KW Vision Centre today.

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