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Why do optometrists blow air in your eye?

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First, going to an optometrist is something that you should be doing every one to two years. Obviously you’ll want to find the best optometrist in Kitchener to do that. A licenced optometrist will check your vision to determine if you need glasses or contacts or whether you need to upgrade your current prescription for eye glasses or contacts. Second, you’d be surprised at how many people don’t realize that their vision is changing unless their vision is properly diagnosed as getting worse or even better. One thing that an optometrist will do during a routine check-up is to blow air into your eyes. This can be a bit uncomfortable, but it’s an important part of the process, so read on.

Blowing Air Into the Patient’s Eyes

During an appointment with an optometrist, they may sit you down in front of a machine that will blow two puffs of air into each one of your eyes. You’ll be instructed to rest your chin into position and stare at a green light. The machine will administer two gentle puffs of air onto the surface of your eyeballs. The machine then measures the air that bounces back so that it can calculate your intraocular pressure.

The process isn’t painful, but it can be uncomfortable. However, it’s necessary. This is because the optometrist needs to determine the fluid pressure inside of your eyes, which it does by flattening your eyes’ corneas. If the fluid pressure is high, you could be at risk for certain eye conditions, such as glaucoma or vision loss.

The Importance of Visiting the Optometrist

You might think that your eyesight is fine and there’s no reason to go to an optometrist to have air blown into your eyes (who wants that, after all?), but forgoing a visit to the optometrist is never a good idea. The following are a few reasons why you should visit these fine ocular professionals regularly:

  • Identify issues before they get worse – An optometrist can identify serious eye conditions that could be treated before they get worse.
  • Prevent eye problems from affecting your daily activities- You may not realize your vision is worsening, but it could be causing problems at work or at home that affect your performance or ability to function.
  • Provide professional advice – Optometrists can help you make lifestyle changes to prevent vision loss.

Although getting air blown into your eyes may bea tad bit uncomfortable, it’s important for determining your eye health. If you need to schedule an appointment with the best optometrist in Kitchener, contact us at KW Vision Centre today.

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