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Why polarized sunglasses are so important – even in winter


What are polarized sunglasses and are they really worth your while? Polarized lenses have a unique chemical film filter that reduces the glare of the sun that would have otherwise penetrated through to your eyes when the sun reflects of solid surfaces such as the road or surfaces like water. These lenses reduce the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays and it can also help a person wearing the polarized lenses see objects more clearly, which is beneficial when driving or participating in outdoors sports.

A heated debate surrounding polarized glasses is whether they need to be worn in winter as well as summer. According to our expert optometrist in Kitchener and many other experienced eye care professionals around the world – the answer is yes. The light in winter can be just as harsh as the summer light and just because the temperature is cooler outside, doesn’t mean that the sun’s UV rays are less damaging . 

If you’re shopping for new polarized sunglasses this season, make sure you’re on the lookout for cheap imitations. Whether you’re buying a regular style, branded frames or a wrap-around sports type of sunglasses, the polarized filter needs to be confirmed by an optometrist (so steer clear of knock-off versions found at flea markets).

Our qualified and experienced eye specialist on site will ensure that you are provided with more information on your options. Simply contact us at KW Vision centre for more information about our polarized sunglasses today.

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