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Why you need prescription sunglasses


Do you need to wear prescription sunglasses? First and foremost, if you wear prescription eye glasses then you should certainly get a pair of prescription sunglasses too. Of course you should also look at investing in a pair of prescription sunglasses if you are involved in specific outdoor activities or have an active outdoor lifestyle. For those who wear contact lenses, the convenience of wearing prescription sunglasses when involved in outdoor activities, such as a trip to the beach or similar, is simply invaluable. While many may believe that wearing sunglasses is just a fashion statement, it’s not. These particular protective glasses are responsible for protecting the eye and surrounding skin against damage from the sun’s UV rays.

It is also vitally important to realize that many of the regular pairs of sunglasses available on the market do not offer sufficient eye protection. This means that pairing these sunglasses with your prescription contact lenses will simply not be enough. Designer sunglasses for men and women are typically available in prescription form too, which means you can get the right pair even if you require bifocals or progressive lens options.

When shopping around for prescription sunglasses to protect the health of your eyes, always chat to your local optometrist in Kitchener first. Your dedicated eye specialist should be able to carry out an eye exam to determine precisely what your eye care needs are.

Get your prescription sunglasses from KW Vision Centre

At KW Vision Centre you will find a qualified and experienced eye specialist available to carry out an eye exam and ensure you are presented with viable prescription sunglasses options. We offer designer sunglasses for men and women, polarized sunglasses and even sunglasses for those who require bifocals. When it comes to protecting your eyes, we have the solution for you.

For more information and advice on getting prescription sunglasses, pay a visit to your local optometrist in Kitchener, KW Vision Centre. Alternatively, contact us to make an appointment today.

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