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Your safety and satisfaction in our priority during COVID

Your safety and satisfaction in our priority during COVID

Are you worried about going to see your optometrist in Kitchener with the COVID-19 pandemic? We want to assure you that keeping you and our staff safe and healthy is till our absolute, top priority.

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned out to be nothing like anyone in our generation has experienced. Many things in life have changed as a consequence. Although it seems like the worst is behind us and that some sort of normalcy is slowly coming back, we cannot let our guard down. We anticipate that the outbreak will continue for a while even after businesses and the economy, in general, continues to re-open.

At KW Vision Centre, we do not want you to neglect your eye care needs during this time. We do not want you to have second thoughts about visiting your optometrist in Kitchener in the fear that you will expose yourself and your loved ones to infection. For this reason, and as a prudent clinic that genuinely cares for the well-being of their patients, we have adopted specific measures to provide you and our staff a safe environment that limits your potential exposure to COVID-19 during these uncertain times.

Our regulatory body, the College of Optometrists of Ontario, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health, has been working to keep us updated with relevant information, guidelines and recommendations regarding optometry care. You can find valuable information on the Ministry of Health website including a self-assessment tool. You can also learn more about their recommendations regarding optometry care.

Although every optometry office may apply the guidelines differently, you can be certain that your optometrist in Kitchener will be perform increased disinfection, screening and enforcing social distance requirements to provide the safest environment possible for you and your loved ones when you go in for your appointment.

At KW Vision Centre, you will notice some changes in in-person care when you come in for your next appointment. For instance, we will request you to come with your own mask when coming for an appointment and sanitize your hands upon arrival. The optometrists and staff you interact with will also be wearing more personal protective equipment such as masks and face shields. You can learn more about the measures we have taken to protect you and your loved ones here as recommended by the College of Optometrists of Ontario.

You will also notice that our staff will not shake your hands – please don’t take it personally. We care about you and your loved ones and are committed to providing you with the safest environment possible when you come to visit your trusted optometrist in Kitchener. Contact us today to learn more about the measures we have in place and to make your appointment or go online here.

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